Vinnay has signed up with Education10x even without taking a demo! Here is what his experience has been

I have subscribed to Education10x program for my daughter, Trisha. I was introduced to Education 10x by a friend. While Education10x had a provision for a free demo class, I was convinced with the curriculum and the pedigree of the founders hence decided to sign up without the demo class. I am happy to express that Education10x has exceeded their promise. Their team seems to believe in ‘promise less, deliver more’.

Trisha is being taught by a qualified CA, Mr. Govind and she finds the classes very interesting. Govind also works with a large private sector Bank & hence he is able to blend theoretical and practical aspects in the right proportion while teaching. Great to see Trisha learning concepts such as Assets and Liabilities, Cryptocurrency etc.

Initially I thought that the 10x program was slightly expensive. But just a couple of classes altered my views. The programme is definitely worth it. I strongly believe that every kid must have a strong financial foundation irrespective of career path one selects & Education10x is one of the best options available. I have subscribed for the foundation course but will definitely be signing up for advanced courses post this. All the best to 10x team.