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10x - Official Page
10x - Official Page

World's first 1:1 live finance classes for kids and teens


Cruising is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in their life. There is no restriction of age when it comes to this experience. Anybody including old, kid’s adults can go on the boats and live the best... (More)

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Pricing Strategy Assignment Help Adelaide

Pricing strategy is the strategy that defines the strategy Implemented by marketers to determine the price of a particular product or service. This is done by analysing the pricing segment, position, Comparability and Reaction strategy of Competitive pricing. Marketing Students... (More)

Finance for Kids and Teens
Vinnay has signed up with Education10x even without taking a demo! Here is what his experience has been I have subscribed to Education10x program for my daughter, Trisha. I was introduced to Education 10x by a friend. While Education10x had... (More)
Finance for Kids and Teens

Yet another super fun and amazing Smartathon completed last week,

10x global student from US and India participated